When i was a boy!

As you may know the Museum has a box which they are asking visitors to fill with memories. They ask that people fill out a postcard with your favourite Trowbridge memory.
They don’t have to be old memories, and they don’t need to be relevant to anybody but yourself!
Hopefully this will create a diverse representation of Trowbridge and show just how special our county town is!

We will begin to add them online, please join us and let us know your tales!

‘Snow ‘pitched’ it didn’t settle
Wood-lice were ‘Granfer-wigs’
You went ‘over Holt’ – you didn’t go there
If you didn’t close the door behind you they asked if you ‘came from Purton’
Bradford-on-Avon was ‘Snuffy’
Railway engines without names were ‘nonkies’ or ‘nonkeys’
When you squatted you ‘cuppied down’
You didn’t go shopping at the Co-op you went to the ‘Kwop’
When you asked an adult where they were going they were likely to answer ‘Whaddon docks to see the Queen Mary”


Ushers Brewery

Today’s Independent Magazine Supplement features the transfer of the brewing equipment from Trowbridge to North Korea and featured our very own John Woolsford. What do you think of North Korean beer, John?

Busy day at the Museum

Yesterday the Museum had 110 children, nearly all form Trowbridge taking part in Craft Activities and a further 340 visitors. Terry Smith & I were very busy in the shop. The kids had a great time producing clay fossils and dinosaurs, and we even had a little girl and her mother come from Maiden Bradley for the event. Today is likely to be just as busy, as the event scheduled is just called Dinosaurs and children just love dinosaurs. Watch this space.



Another town councillor attacks your museum

Today’s copy of The Wiltshire Times contained a letter from Councillor G. Whiffen, using dubious statistics to attack Trowbridge Museum on the grounds of cost to council tax-payers for each visitor.  We must realise that there are people out there who are spreading negative   views about us, and so must all start giving a positive picture of the services we provide. Perhaps mentioning the number of schools that we give workshops to, could be a start.